Sunday, April 16, 2017

Film Production Group Organization

Besides the independent films we'll be doing, we'll also be organising people interested and skilled in the various roles of film production. This will serve ourselves and also other people who want to spearhead or be involved in film projects in the area.

Anyone in the area can put their name down for whatever roles they would like to take on. Once the roles have enough participants, we'll set about organising people to produce films.

Click on the role(s) listed below and then comment on the page with any relevant information, such as skills, location, availability, interest.




Sound (mics)

Camera operator (videographer)

Lighting (gaffer)


Sound designer (post production)

Distribution (exhibition)

Events manager


Investing (film finance)

Accounting (payroll)

Legal (financial)

Marketing (advertising)

Planning (scheduling)

Animation (and special effects)


Art director

Costume design

Make up and hair

Still photography

Casting director


Production design

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