Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How to Set Up a Website and Social Media

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A lot of people have been asking me about setting up a website, social media, and other internet things for them.

I am going to talk to my web development guys and figure out a price that this can be done for, but I'm also going to just show you how to do it for free.

The free way means you'll follow the video tutorials, which will not be exhaustive, but will cover the basics, and if there are things you don't understand, you will at least have the terminology to do further web searches to figure those things out. Expect to put in from several hours to days to do all this, depending on the amount of content you want to use as well as how much customisation you want to do to your website.

I'm going to figure out a pay scheme for people who don't want to do it themselves and would prefer to pay someone to do it for them. This pay scheme will have several points that you can pay for or opt to not do or to do yourself.


FREE WAY: 1) Sign up for a blogspot blog using your gmail account. 2) Customise your blogspot website to the degree allowed in the blogspot options. 3) Add your pictures and content to your blogspot blog. 3) Create your own social media accounts. 4) Create new posts on your blog as you want, and then share those blogs (as well as images and videos) to your social media channels.


- Custom domain address (yourdesiredname.com or .ca or whatever instead of yourdesiredname.blogspot.com).
- Hosting for your domain (all of these types of domains / websites pay a monthly fee to have their website "hosted," which means it is stored on the internet).
- Have someone else arrange for your domain address and hosting, and just pay them for the monthly fee for hosting and yearly fee for the domain. This includes having them fix problems when there are any with the server, website, etc, so the website won't have any problems and will always be "up."
- More customised website look (pay for a website appearance, or "theme," or have someone find an appropriate free theme for the look you're going for.
- Have someone else customise the website according to the general look and sometimes specifics you want to see (fonts, pictures, arrangement of website elements), sharing buttons, mailing lists, etc.
- Have someone else put your content up on your website for you (you just send the text, pictures, videos, etc to us by email).
- Have someone else create and set up your social media accounts.
- Have someone else update your social media channels with your new content (when you have new content created on your webpage or when you email an update, whether a message, picture, video, etc.


- Domain: Common domains like .com, .ca, .org, .net etc are around $20 or $30 per year. Hosting: Usually around $8 per month ($96 per year) for basic hosting, but we can do this for $50, which will cover most needs) We'll charge $20 per year to set this up (as well as take care of the site and hosting if anything goes wrong) and you can pay us for 1 year or more. The first year fee includes set up.
- Custom website: Many themes are free, but some cost between $20 and $70 (one time purchase fee). We'll try to find a free one (most cases possible). As long as the theme customisation is fairly basic (your choice of fonts, pictures, layout), we can do this for $50 (as long as there is a free theme). If you want special (which are unusual and require research as well as skilled work), we will charge more. If you later on want to change your theme or layout, we'll probably charge around $40 or $50 at that point, but you can also do the modifications yourself for free.
- Websites might also require special features to do special things. If you tell us what you need, we will figure out a cost and you can OK it or no-go it. NOTE: If you want a sales website - a website you can sell products from - this is a much more complicated thing, and will cost more: We'll figure out a cost and let you know.
- Content creation / management: Depending on the amount of content, we can probably do this for $50-$100, and you would just provide the text, images, video links, sound links, etc.) If you want us to do this on an ongoing basis after the website is set up, we will figure out a monthly rate for approximately how many items you want to do each month.
- Set up social media accounts: $20 each, and you will provide images and content. If we're doing a lot of these, we'll discount the fee.
- Manage social media channels (update them with content): Depends on the amount of content. Probably around $20 a month for basic needs, and you would email us what you want for updates.

Basically, to have us do everything, it would cost around $300 - $350 initially ($140 for the domain and hosting, $50 for an uncomplicated website, around $75 for content creation, around $50 for three social media accounts).

It would cost $140 each year thereafter for the domain and hosting.

If you had us doing your content and social media, this would mean another $50 or $100 per month.


As you can see, the least you have to do to have a website and social media is tell us what you want, what it looks like, and then email us your content. This costs the most because it involves a lot of labor and skilled work.

The least you have to pay is free because you can set up everything yourself if you want.


Note: This isn't the business of DFPS, -- we make our revenue otherwise -- so we're not going to try to make as much money as possible on doing this, but we will charge a fair rate in order to fairly compensate skilled workers assigned to doing it.

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